Tuesday Tip Me Over: Teapot Attitude vs. Gratitude Leads to Boiling Regret

You know those times you wake up to a song in your head? Today it was "I'm a little teapot..."

The teapot song popped in after sifting through a box of memories last night. I came across an old song CD for children. My sister is a professional singer, songwriter, musician and since she was a collaborative partner on the album she invited me to sing a bit of backup.

Songs have a way of sparking memories. I remember a day when I was a fierce and not-so-little teapot. One day, I was all steamed up and screaming loudly. Standing in front of me was a person I allowed into my life and hadn't ever said 'no' to. It was a not-so-happy never ending tea party that ended in regret.

In reality I was lacking in resourcefulness which could have prevented this backup and boiling over of bitter resentment. Had my EQ intelligence been elevated I could have helped her direct her needs elsewhere, and in a way that would have spared us both some grief.

Instead, I chose to play the "nice and helpful" card without any insight into future obstacles that may arise from that kind of play. I failed to treat this woman with respect. I was passive in my helpfulness. I hadn't yet learned to say no in a loving way to her, or most people yet. I was ignoring the fact that I do have a choice to investigate options and explore more suitable direction and solutions.

Being a fierce little tea pot isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all, it can serve as an opportunity to learn to pour yourself out more regularly. To avoid the dreaded blow-your-stack response to people. Being kind is a good thing. And saying yes to everything usually fills your cup full to resentment. You can and should invite a never ending tea party of joy into your life vs. frustration.

Is it possible you're filling your cup with resentment? Do you have trouble saying no to people? Are you in danger of boiling over to the point of regret?

If so, I'm curious...

What would it take to tip yourself over today? To pour out any feelings you may have with regard to your situation, a relationship, or circumstance? If I were you, I would choose today to become more resourceful. To seek out a counselor or coach who can lead you directly out of your teapot attitude and into a state of gratitude for your new and growing personal empowerment!

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